jQuery Mobile theme in material design

OCTOBER CMS NativeDroid2 is a theme using jQuery Mobile with FlexGrid CSS, inspired by material design.

nativeDroid2 goes material

And this is not the only big change. We decided to distribute the source on Github and license the theme under the MIT-License. So you can freely use the theme for you commercial and private projects.

jQueryMobile theme

nativeDroid2 is built on top of the jQueryMobile framework. So you will be able to use the theme right out of the box.

Extra elements

Upon the basic elements, we have created helper classes and functions to make it even easier to deal with your code.

Material design icons

Beside of the default fontawesome iconset, nativeDroid2 includes a material design icon-font library to create a native look and feel.

Basic and accent colors

You can choose from the following color presets; red, pink, purple, deep-purple, indigo, blue, light-blue, cyan, teal, green, light-green, lime, yellow, amber, orange, deep-orange, brown, grey and blue-grey

Browse the material way

Discover the new features in the live preview on the right. Enjoy the new styles of Listviews, Forms, Tables, Buttons and many more.

You can freely use nativeDroid2 in your commercial or private project.
Its distributed under the MIT-License.

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